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Fighting EX Fighting Layer from the perspective of an Street Fighter EX noob

Posted on July 12, 2018

I didn't play Street Fighter EX when it first came out. I grew up in the province and have limited arcade selections. It doesn't help that I rather play Xmen vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, or Metal Slug (going for the 1CC) whenever I'm at our local arcade.

After moving to Metro Manila, I hang out with friends to play Fighting Games at our weekly casuals. A new game was released: EX Fighting Layer, and we got to play it on day 1. I immediately told everyone that I have no experience with the series and ...

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Global Game Jam 2010: Psychic Fighters

Posted on Jan. 16, 2018

Deception-based Fighting Game. Two Psychics slug it out!!

Game description

Psychic Fighters is a two player game of deception. The goal is to outsmart your opponent with feints. The game is played in turns, with one player being an attacker and the other player being the defender.

How to run

  1. To play, first download or clone the game from my Github repo.
  2. Download Python (preferably Python 3.4+). Either put the python executable in your path or include the path when running the shell commands
  3. Change directory to the game. If you downloaded as a zip file, unzip first.
  4. Open ...
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