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Global Game Jam 2010: Psychic Fighters

Posted on Jan. 16, 2018

Deception-based Fighting Game. Two Psychics slug it out!!

Game description

Psychic Fighters is a two player game of deception. The goal is to outsmart your opponent with feints. The game is played in turns, with one player being an attacker and the other player being the defender.

How to run

  1. To play, first download or clone the game from my Github repo.
  2. Download Python (preferably Python 3.4+). Either put the python executable in your path or include the path when running the shell commands
  3. Change directory to the game. If you downloaded as a zip file, unzip first.
  4. Open your shell/terminal and run the following: pip install requirements.txt
  5. Run the game: python

How to play

The game is played by two players (there's no AI). Controls for Overhead and Uppercut are as follows: Player 1 - W and D; Player 2 - Up and Down.

Each player have two turns where they are attacking and defending. For each successful offense, the attacker gets 100 points. For each successful block, the defender gets 30 points.

The twist here is that the defender will sense (in a form of a visual shadow) if the attacker is planing to use their overhead or their uppercut. This allows the defender to block properly. But the attacker can change their offense at any point before their attack starts. The key is to trick the defender into blocking wrong.

The characters

Mister Muscleman

Psychic Boxer with a heart of gold. Very naive.

His ending is typical of fighting game comedy endings and we are shown that the final boss is incompetent in the basics of using psychic fighting.

Only available as player 1 because of game jam constraints

Spark Plug

Technological whiz kid who is somehow using precognition to gain knowledge of his enemies.

His ending is typical of fighting game serious endings and is an obvious Matrix rip-off.

Only available as player 2 because of game jam constraints

Agent I

The final boss of the game (non-existent in the final game).

Everyone else

Characters that we would have implemented if we built this into a real game.


  1. If you have good reaction you can see the attack coming.
  2. Mash to win.
  3. One of our players recommended this as a drinking game. We don't but ymmv.
  4. To win, you have to get more points than your opponent.

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