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Self improvement

Posted on Jan. 6, 2018

2018 goal

For 2018, I've decided to do more writing. Let's see how long this will last.

Self improvement

I am a big fan of always improving. Its satisfying to me to look back and say, I did not know this before, but now I know; and knowing is half the battle.

Bruce Lee flowchart to self improvement

I relate to this motivational poster and want to do more of this.

In previous years, I used an excuse that I have too many things to do and not enough time. So on 2018, I'll also be experimenting with "a year of less".

As a teacher, I've met many students who don't want to improve. As much as I want all of them to succeed, they need to take the first step.

This is my first step in writing.

Just get started.

It's the same time, the most useless advice AND the most true advice you can give someone”

-- CGPGrey. (35:50)

One of the things I've been trying to start was the development of my personal website. I have a lot of projects that I wanted to do, but I am so unfocused because I kept going to the next project after a lot of research (although, I admit, this is more procastination than learning). I usually end up doing something else completely different.

This website is a prime example of my lack of focus. I originally wanted to make a computer vision program, but I realized that I need a place to put it online. So I researched for a quick website crm framework. Then I remembered Django 2.0 is out. I've made Django websites before as part of a team, but I've never deployed a website. I thought I can experiment.

Mumbling of technobabble: I wanted to just focus on deployment, so I looked into popular crms so I don't need to code. However, a lot of crms are too heavy for my use... and the simple ones didn't upgrade to Python 3 and Django 2 (did the authors stopped working on it because it was lightweight?). So I made a simple django blog system. And I ended up learning about the new Django url path (yay. I can now forget how to regex. Wait... I never did know regex) and that the old-style middleware is deprecated (one of libraries I use is coded in the old-style middleware. browsing the different forks was fun although time-consuming).

Before I know it, I now have a blogging website. *shrug*

I plan to use this website for self-improvement. But I'll post other articles such as my thoughts on games, artificial intelligence, programming, and any random things that catches my fancy. I got RSS/Atom set up, but I'll also post these on my social media.

If anything else, this ought to give me more practice in writing.

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