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PyCon PH 2023! New me

Posted on Feb. 27, 2023

Thanks to the Pandemic, I haven't given a talk for almost 3 years. I am someone who used to give talks almost every week. Since its the return of PyCon PH after a long time, I thought of doing something new.

My talk this year is "Let's make a realtime game with Django channels". Here's the first 3 slides:

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Python Philippines is a diverse community

Posted on Feb. 21, 2018

Philippines is a country. Metro Manila is a part of the Philippines.

We started Python Philippines in Manila because a lot of tech companies operated here. It also helped that the region is where most of the board of trustees worked, making it easy to host meetups. By PyCon 2016, we've done 3 Python Conferences at Manila.

But the Philippines country is large and diverse with different cultures. We don't want Python Philippines to be primarily known as a Manila group. We want to spread the programming language to other parts of the country.

Different region in the …

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